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Here's just a sample of what people are saying...

"The Market Maven is a true gem in Paris. Since she is both American and French, she knows the best of 2 worlds. Her fluency with the French language coupled with her knowledge of the Paris markets and the amazing produce and products is not only entertaining, but enlightening. And, if that wasn't enough, having worked as a Chef and restaurateur for many years, you will have a gastronomic feast with your "market-finds". I highly recommend this jewel in Paris."  

Randy Diaz 
Food and Adventures Blogger

"We had a wonderful time in France and YOU made our Paris portion exceptional"

Lisa Pompelli
Los Angeles, Ca

"We so enjoyed staying in your apartment... the outdoor markets and cooking were outstanding.  We also want to thank you for introducing us to Velib, riding bicycles in Paris made us feel like locals"

Marge and Chef Walter Manzke
Los Angeles, Ca