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Paris Market tours

Shop - Cook - Eat - Laugh - Drink 
(like a local)
After more than 40 years in Paris with my family, there are some secrets I'd love to share with you!
3 Markets, 4 Hours

We will begin the day with a rendez-vous at a café/pâtisserier near the market.  After a quick 'grand creme' and croissant we will walk to the markets.  Each of the three markets has it's history, it's story, it's own charm and clientelle - let's dive in together!  

I will share the secrets of the market place, introduce you to my favorite market farmers and producers, and show you the clues for finding the best products available at market.  You can stop to smell the peaches, sample cheese and paté, take photos and find marvelous treasures to bring home while wandering from one end of the busy market to the other. 

Still hungry for lunch? Pas de panique! Let me make a  reservation for you at one of the perfect, charming cafés nearby. I'll make sure you get there a l'heure.

Tues, Weds, Thurs or Friday / 9:30am - 1:30pm
200E for up to 4 people, 60E for each additional person (max 6)
All food & drink sampling included. 
Lunch & Private purchases are separate 

Food Market Adventure & Lunch  

We begin the morning with a rendez-vous at a typical bistro for cafe creme and croissant while watching the vendors pop in and out for their 'Noisette' (an espresso with a drop of milk).  I'll explain the story of the market, the do's and don’ts of shopping, what to look for and what to avoid. In true French fashion we'll talk about what's in season and what you'd like for lunch before heading out to the market.
After shopping, it's back to my home, where we'll begin with an 'Aperos' (the traditional 'opening' of the meal) on my terrace, then move on to a most convivial French lunch.

I’ll demonstrate how to set a proper French table using my  antique linens, treasured plates and Art Deco cutlery. We will prepare a typical 4 course French lunch (you're encouraged to put on an apron, pick up a knife and a few techniques, or, just sit back, sip wine and watch) served with several small producer wines and lively conversation.
By Appointment  / 9am - 3pm
150E per person / Min 2 and max 6 people
All food & drinks included 

Brocantes Adventure & Bistro Lunch

Forget the Puces! Most of the linens, plates, silverware and copper in my kitchen come from roving antique markets and 'vide grenier' ( literally 'empty attics'). Let me help you navigate the stalls of some of the liveliest flea markets in Paris to find that perfect piece you've been dreaming of. 

I'll show you where the treasures are hidden and you too can return home with those enormous linen napkins, fabulous horn handled knives or one of a kind cork screws in your suitcase. 

We'll stop for lunch at a typical 'locals' brasserie or bistro, after which you can return to scouring the market for more treasures or move on to your next great Parisian Adventure!                           

Saturdays only / 10am - 2pm
200E for up to 4 people, 60E for each additional person up to 6

Lunch & Private purchases are separate 

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