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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Abundant Fall Chantrelles make for Great Omelettes

The brilliant, golden Girolles are unmistakable in the market place
Fall back in California is marked by the arrival of pumpkins at the local farmers markets. One of the first clues that fall has indeed arrived in Paris is the appearance of Girolles (what we English speakers call Chantrelles) in the marchées.  Oh sure, there have been plenty of Lithuanian, Russian and Polish Girolles up till now, but it is the arrival of the FRENCH, brilliant orange, Girolle that marks the change of season.

A golden brown exterior with a soft, gooey interior is exactly what makes a great omlette
Which brings me to Omelettes. There is really nothing that highlights the subtle, meaty, earthy, nutty flavor of Girolles like an omelette.  Simple!  You say... not so fast.  There is a world of difference between an old school French omelette and what passes for an omelette these days. I should know, my mother was "Janine the Omelette Queen"!