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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wild Asparagus & Morels on May Day

It's been a wild month. To California (lots of heavy lifting and oodles of family there) then home to Paris for a whole new round of packing and moving as my daughter and I prepare to return to the building of my childhood on Rue des Entrepreneurs.  The contractor is nearly done, so I'm very optimistic. Okay, so I'm holding my breath just a tiny bit.

Wild Asparagus, 2 bunches for 12 Euros, enough for 5 people
In my absence, not only did the days grow MUCH longer, but Spring arrived in Paris and WOW! is it ever reflected at the markets.  My trusty neighborhood marché, Grenelle, was busier than I'd seen it in months, (guess Parisians don't enjoy shopping outdoors in cold weather either) there were rolling cart traffic jams and long, long lines. So, when I noticed no line at my regular wild mushroom guy, along with wild asparagus and one last little basket of Morels - did I hesitate?  Non, pas moi.