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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mad for Eggs - Mayonnaise

I have two women friends who are simply mad for Oeufs Mayonnaise... a dish I never much paid attention to since my year in French boarding school where it was often featured as the entrée... plainly put: I just didn't get it. Lately I've taken a different view of the venerable dish.  As Julia (yes, that Julia) puts it "this makes a nice little something with which to start a meal" she found that it seems to make everything more festive.  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arugula and Speck - Pasta for a Rainy Day

Simple, quick and delicious
When an Italian produce vendor at my Sunday market suggested trying his favorite pasta dish using arugula as the main ingredient, it was hard to resist.  That was last winter. Since then, this dish has become a family favorite and it couldn't be simpler. It's also what I whipped up today when my daughter and her two hungry friends came home, in the rain, for lunch.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oysters... I mean Huitres

Fines de Claires #4
Some people don't much care about the "R" month rule, but for me, oyster season begins mid October and lasts until March.

By the time the New Year arrives Oysters are everywhere in Paris; cafes serve them, fish mongers sell them and the growers have arrived in full force at the farmers markets.  Fines de Claires, Belons, Creuses and Omahas (just to name a few) are available in about 5 sizes for you enjoy out or to take home either opened on little tin platters or unopened if you know how.  With my oyster loving family in town, we decided to dive into the 'open it yourself' mode committing to two small wooden crates of about 4 dozen each which I stored on my snowy terrace.

Now (about 100 oysters later) seems like an excellent time to give a little lesson on how to crack these hard to get at delicacies. After all, by my count there are still 3 good months of oyster eating ahead of us.