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Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Community Goes Global

I was all set to post about an organic farmer's market in Paris, heirloom tomatoes and a scrumptious Tomato Tatin recipe.  But then one of my favorite blogs, Eating Rules, 'pinged' my inbox and everything changed. 

Heirloom Tomato Tatin

Andrew speaks of the food blogging community and Jennifer Perillo,  a food blogger and mother of two young girls who's husband, Mikey died suddenly of a heart attack.. no warning, no goodbyes. 

As a (mostly) single mom of 3 grown children and the close friend of a mom who, many years ago suddenly lost her husband in a similar fashion, this story struck a chord.  Like Andrew (and many others, I'm sure of it) this story made me cry. 
Jennie and Mikey
The community response is inspiring. So many people across the globe, coming together in a virtual community, reaching out to help Jennie and her girls through this difficult time.  Better than casseroles? Who knows.  But I want to be part of the net holding this young woman up.

Picture yourself sitting in the spacious living room off 77bis2
I am donating 4 nights in my 1 bedroom vacation apartment in Paris. You can check the place out HERE.  The way it works is this:  Between now and Monday, Aug 29, post your bid in the comment section below.  Bidding starts at $250.00 (a SCREAMING deal) You can also post it HERE or you can email me:  I'll let everyone know who the winner is on Tuesday, Aug 30th.

La belle Tour Eiffel
Not able to come to Paris?  That's okay, visit Bloggers Without Borders, a fund for Jennie.  Check out the many interesting and yummy things being offered, some for very little. 
Pick one. 

Many thanks,


RJ Flamingo said...

I'll start off the bidding with $250! We've never been to Paris, and your place sounds wonderful! Thank you for supporting Jennie and her girls this way. Most generous!

Kristina Vanni said...

I too am in awe of the blogging community and the outpouring of support! I will bid $350 for your generous offer. In fact, if you want to double it to 8 nights I would be happy to bid $700!

If I am lucky enough to have the highest bid, I will prepare a peanut butter pie for Mikey during the stay.

croquecamille said...

I'm not bidding, but I will repost this. I can vouch for the fact that it's a fantastic apartment, and I hope it raises lots of money for this worthy cause.

Marie Z said...

Thank you RJ & Kristina.

RT Camille, you sure don't need 2 kitchens in Paris - LOL. Thanks for the repost!

zoe said...

I would like to bid $500. Thank you for your generosity.

Cecily said...

We are in for $550. I am such a francophile, and that apt. looks so amazing, not to mention I LOVE any community-oriented venture! Thank you, even, for the opportunity! I've bookmarked your apt. for another time as well... *wink*

Lori Ann Kinder said...

I would like to offer a bid of $650.00. Our son graduates this May from H.S. and is in his fourth year of French and doing amazingly well. I have not been to Paris in years, and would love to share this amazing gift with him. It is a Win/Win for all.
Warm regards,
Lori Ann

Catherine Craig said...

I'll bid $700. I love Paris and would love to go next Spring. Not sure if there were resrictions on when to use it?

Marie Z said...

Catherine: There are no restrictions other than working around the dates already booked. Thanks for your bid.

saralou said...

What a generous item. I would like to bid $800. Thanks

zoe said...

I would like to bid $950! This is more than worth it!

Lori Ann Kinder said...

I think the point is centered around doing something kind for a grieving family. I think that your place is worth far more than anyone can imagine, having been in your family for so many generations.
Congratulations to the highest bidder, and I will contact you when I am more certain of our travel times in the coming year. Very kind of you to do this. I hope the bidding continues, and that the proceeds provide a bit of comfort for Jennie and her girls.

Marie Z said...

Enormous thanks to each and every person who bid on my apartment for #afundforjennie.

The winner is Zoe!

Please email me directly at and we'll work out the details.

zoe said...

Thank you, Marie for your incredible generosity.

zoe said...

Dear Lor Ann
I am sorry you presumed my feelings and intents in my short email. I am overwhelmed by the support for a member of the community, and the generosity of the offering of the Paris apartment. If you feel somehow upset by this, I would be happy to give you the apartment for $5 more and we will schedule on our own. I am sorry you felt offended. This is a wonderful gesture,.on the part of an incredible community of food bloggers