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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wild Asparagus & Morels on May Day

It's been a wild month. To California (lots of heavy lifting and oodles of family there) then home to Paris for a whole new round of packing and moving as my daughter and I prepare to return to the building of my childhood on Rue des Entrepreneurs.  The contractor is nearly done, so I'm very optimistic. Okay, so I'm holding my breath just a tiny bit.

Wild Asparagus, 2 bunches for 12 Euros, enough for 5 people
In my absence, not only did the days grow MUCH longer, but Spring arrived in Paris and WOW! is it ever reflected at the markets.  My trusty neighborhood marché, Grenelle, was busier than I'd seen it in months, (guess Parisians don't enjoy shopping outdoors in cold weather either) there were rolling cart traffic jams and long, long lines. So, when I noticed no line at my regular wild mushroom guy, along with wild asparagus and one last little basket of Morels - did I hesitate?  Non, pas moi.

Waiting to hit the skillets
A container of unpasteurized creme fresh from Francesca, a few little red potatoes, some chives and a couple of fat duck breasts complete the dinner picture; rhubarb and strawberries for dessert... Spring is in the air and soon, on our plates as well.

Maman making my Sweet Pea and Lily of the Valley bouquet
One last stop at my favorite family florist (a mother and son selling only what's at the season's peak), today:  Sweet Peas, Freesias, Peonies and Lilies of the Valley. 

Did you know that if a woman receives Lilies of the Valley as a gift from a man, he expects to collect a kiss. (really?) So beware from whom you accept these innocent looking flowers!

Sweet smelling Lilies of the Valley, a symbol of Spring since the 1500's
On the way home, I noticed all sorts of little stands selling Lilies of the Valley along the sidewalks.  Dozens of them.  Apparently, the French Government allows individuals to sell them without having to collect tax on this one day... May day (which, as it turns out is also considered Labor Day in France).  May day is often the day targeted for political demonstrations and labor uprisings.  Fortunately, this year there were none in Paris, that I know of anyway.

7 minutes in salted, boiling water

Morels cooking in butter, then a dollop of creme fraiche to support the flavor

So, instead of dodging cobble stones and ducking around placards as my mother did in 1968, we got to go home and have a lovely Spring dinner with friends.

Aperos on the terrace (which I will soon be leaving behind)
Welcome to Springtime and all that it offers.

A bientot,


bl8ant's blog said...

WOW...what fun visiting you here ! The photography is gorgeous Zabie and the journey warm and wonderful as always....thank you ♡

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh how I loved reading your posting and seeing all the wonderful photographs. I could smell the morels cooking!!!

My friend Vicki (Todd's Mom) sent me your way and I am so happy she did.

All joys of spring,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island