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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude and Thanks

last year's Parisian turkey
Millions of people in America (and around the world) are celebrating Thanksgiving today.  Some in their homes, some with family, others in shelters and soup kitchens. I am in Paris. My daughter is at school, there is no holiday to celebrate and no turkey roasting in the oven. We will gather with friends on Sunday to celebrate this one day of the whole year when loved ones join together and take a moment to think about all they have to be grateful for. 

Parisiane investigating American traditi
Sometimes that takes a bit of effort because it seems that for most of us, there is a huge gap between what we think we should be grateful for and what we actually are grateful for. Health is a big one, love, good hair days, warm feet in cold weather, a great shower... there is just so much to be thankful for that seems pedestrian, small and insignificant compared to, say, living in a 3rd world, natural disaster or war torn country. But, it all counts. The point is to be thankful for what we have; to acknowledge the sheer abundance and beauty in our day to day lives... because no matter where we find ourselves there is plenty to be grateful for.

I for one, am grateful for the new clothes drier that was delivered today.  The old one was 27 years old and certainly not 'environmental' in the least, especially with regard to electrical consumption. So I am also grateful for my future, lower EDF (Electricity de France) bills.

forever at the table des enfants
I am grateful for the gift of living in Paris with my youngest child as she completes high school, learns French and readies herself for college and living independently in the world.

I am thankful for the wonder of "Skype" and "Facetime" that allows me to see, as well as speak to, my older kids and dear friends who live in different time zones.

I am thankful for my new Parisian friends who have welcomed my daughter and I so warmly into their lives.  I am grateful for Face Book because that is how I met many of these people, (I know, right?) who knew?

I am thankful for the abundance of the farmers markets, the farmers, the produce they grow and nurture, the cheer and goodness these same farmers extend to those of us who brave the weather, crowds and/or metro to stand in line for what they have to offer. 

Mostly though, I am grateful everyday for the wonder and beauty of life, the good things that appear seemingly out of nowhere, balancing out the challenges and the difficult moments; a smile from a stranger, a falling leaf, the parting of a cloud revealing a patch of blue sky, a bit of music drifting to the street through an open window. I have so much to be thankful for, everyday, everywhere I go, in everything that I do.

So, in gratitude, I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving - today and everyday!

A bientot,
Marie Z

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Grace W. said...

This just warms my heart and brightens my view this morning. Thanks, Zabie - much love to you!