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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marché St. Eustache-les-Halles

Tucked in the shadows of the ancient and impressive Eglise St. Eustache (it's considered one of the most beautiful religious monuments of Paris) sits this tiny marché at the heart of the oldest, and most historic neighborhood of Paris.

No need to rush, the action barely gets rolling - much less begins - on time because this Thursday market opens at 12:30pm while 'lunch' is in full force. Besides, the vendors here  are waiting for evening when the after work shopping crowd descends to pick up dinner. 
There is a fish monger, several produce stands (one is Bio/Organic) a butcher, and quite a few artisan gift stands.  Not a lot of vendors to choose from, but what is there is of very good quality.
This marché is where (until 1969) Les Halles once lived and breathed all things food in Paris. Known as 'the belly of Paris', it was a colorful neighborhood that came alive at night providing 'le tout Paris' with produce, poultry, meats, seafood and flowers from the surrounding countryside.
Les Halles began in the reign of Louis VII way back in 1137 as a way of providing food stuffs to the city of Paris.  Each century, as the city and demand grew, Les Halles grew and changed.  
The beautiful, massive metal and glass structures associated with the market place were  dismantled in 1971.  Some of the buildings were moved to Rungis outside of Paris where they are still in use.
This neighborhood is rich with history, small cafes and interesting food shops tucked away in dark passages.  There are at least three cooking supply stores (including E. Dehillerin, made famous by Julia Child) just a stone's throw of each other with everything you could want for your kitchen and things you've never dreamed of needing (in my case, a Rum Baba mold)
A little exploring will reward you with G. Detou (means: I have everything) a shop choc full with every imaginable, non perishable, ingredient under the sun. The Rue Montorgueil, a bustling shopping street, is right around the corner too.  There is plenty to do and see in this historic, food centric, centrally located area... you won't regret the visit.

Click here to see a MAP of the area 
Marche St. Eustache-les-Halles, Paris 1ere
Thurs: 12:30 pm - 8 pm
Sun: 7 am - 3 pm
Rue Montmartre between Rue Rambuteau & Rue du Jour
Metro:  Chatlet-les-Halles (line 4), Sentier (line 4) or Ettiene Marcel (line 3 )
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jpoparis said...

That is the best place in Paris for cookware supplies... thank you .

Xiaoxi said...

Good to know it's the "belly of Paris!" :) Bumped into this market a couple of times, but never known in detail of the neighborhood's history. Thx for the knowledge :)

Zabie aka "Marie" said...

This is a wonderful and lively area with enough to do to keep a person busy (and well fed) for days. Be sure to check out the link I've just added for the Rue Montorgueuil at the end of the article. Lots of information there!

bl8ant's blog said...

Zabie! your site is looking wonderful! I am especially enjoying the links and little widgets with exquisite photos of how to prepare delightful treats from your menus ! Love you lady xoxo

Marie Z said...

Thankyou Kathleen. Glad you are enjoying it! xoxo