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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good to know: Free wifi in Paris

France is a country that prides itself on relationship building over a four course meal and regional wines.
While the French may spend more time eating than any other nation on the planet, they also recognize the value of free internet access for all.

To date the French government provides more that 400 free hot spots in the public gardens and libraries (bibliothèques) throughout Paris (but not at the markets... yet). This Paris wifi in parisian gardens site lists all the parks by Arrondissements and even provides this 'free wifi' map. Please note that no electricity is available at the parks or libraries!

During those long days of rain, snow and cold weather known in these parts as 'l'hiver', you might prefer being indoors, and while the libraries are warm, they don't offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a 'pression' (French for draft beer).  This site lists the cafes throughout Paris that will give you free internet access in exchange for a beverage. Not a bad trade at all when rain is falling in buckets, you have 'cabin fever' and things to do.

A bientot,


mommydrinksbecauseyoucry said...

Ahh, to have a four course meal rather than trying to eat while serving my family before the baby wakes up. Can I say I'm jealous?

Zabie aka "Marie" said...

I remember those days! They do pass, and rather quickly I might add, though I know it doesn't seem that way right now!